Covid-19 has obviously been hard on a number of businesses,not to mention magazines

. May editions for all magazines were at risk of not being able to print, and some subsequently did not print at all. Horse & Pony Magazine was one of those.

Rowan Dixon, editor of Horse & Pony magazine and director or Manaia Media, knew that she needed to provide her engaged and responsive audience with some quality articles to read during Covid-19, even if it was not in a print format.

The May edition of Horse & Pony magazine was digital-only. It was available to all print readers free, and digital editions continue to be free for print subscribers. On top of that, with the help of Subbuddy, Horse & Pony launched paid digital subscriptions. What timing!

Digital subscriptions were incredibly popular for Horse & Pony magazine during this time. Having personally had years of experience in digital editions, I have never seen such an uptake in the purchase of digital subscriptions. The feedback was positive and the offering was perfect.

Hats off to Rowan. We set everything up in a very small amount of time, had a few hiccoughs, but overall it was great to be a part of it.