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How can you renew online?


When your renewal is not due…

Log into the billing portal
You will be emailed a one time password rather then creating a password that you might not remember!

Add your credit card details
We will be able to see that you added a credit card.

When you receive and extend email

Click on extend
Enter your payment details and you are done!

When you want to purchase a new subscription, one year to two years

Go to the magazines website

Select the product you want to purchase

Login and type in your one time password

Enter your payment details and you are done!

Boating Magazine give you some lockdown relief

As many regular readers of Boating New Zealand will be aware, the conventional channels we use to distribute our magazine around the country have been crippled by the dreaded Covid-19 – which means many of you won’t have seen a copy of our April issue.

It’s not clear when things will be back to normal, so to mitigate any cabin fever niggles we’ve elected to make the entire April issue FREE on our website.

Digital reading might not deliver the same monthly fix that comes with opening a new magazine and inhaling the smell of fresh ink, but your coffee and buttered scones will taste way better!

Hang in there – we are poised to spring back into action as soon as this bug buggers off.

The Boating New Zealand Team

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