Here, we look after your customers

Subscription & Relationship Management

Track and manage subscriptions throughout the customer lifecycle. Strengthen relationships, decrease churn, and increase lifetime value.


Transfer your phone number to us so that we can start building a rapport with your customers.

Moving forward plan

What is the best way to get your customers to resubscribe? We have many tools in our box to find out what works best.

Email management

Communication with your customers is extremely important for retention, Emails can be a great way to communicate.


Not all customers want to be communicated to by email, there is always another way to communicate.


Gifting can be a significant part of all businesses. What is your current process to look after this segment in your business?

Re-occuring Billing

The world of E-commerce is always changing, we will keep up with it, for you. Reoccurring billing needs to be in your plan.

Provide your customers with a self-service option

Customers can access their Billing Portal to upgrade/downgrade products, review billing history, and manage account related information. Chargify’s out-of-the-box Billing Portal is ready to use in minutes—no coding required—or build a custom solution using our API.

Communicate with your customers throughout the relationship

Automated email communication ensures that customers receive the information they need, when they need it, throughout the entire lifecycle. Highly customisable templates allow you to convey your company’s branding.

We deliver better customer service

Manage Relationships

Access plan changes, billing history, current balances, renewal dates, active coupons, notes, and much more.

Subscription Modifications

Edit customer details and billing information, change plans, and modify component quantities or price points.

Billing Adjustments

Adjust balances, apply discounts, process refunds, and record external payments.

Process Charges

Create one-time charges that can be processed either immediately or on the next scheduled billing cycle.