You can continue to create great content, while we take care of your subscribers.

Subbuddy provides a variety of services to take care of your subscribers so you can do what you do best, create great content!

Our offerings include handling phone inquiries, responding to emails, dispatching renewal notices and subscription confirmations. Additionally, we can establish your own digital edition, eliminating the need for third-party systems while seamlessly integrating it into the subscription system. Count on us for assistance with all your subscription needs.




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Services that we provide

NZ Post Integration

We use a system that is integrated with NZ Post. A better accuracy % for you is our goal.

Gift subscriptions

Personalised email message to gift-recipient's, making a subscription even more special.

Renewal Efforts

Track your renewal efforts so you can see how well campaigns are going.

Print run

We take care of your print runs / subs data pulls and send them in the required formats to your printers or mailhouse.

Phone calls

We have two staff available to take phone calls, based in Hamilton and Tauranga using VoIP, we can track calls and share the load during the silly season.

Resends and returns

Have your returns come to us. This way we take care of them straight away and let you know if we see any patterns.


We will email you end of month reports for accounting purposes, a liability report and earned revenue.

Other Sources

Flybuys, Isubscribe, Mags4gifts, MagShop, Incentive Solutions, EBSCO. Not with them all? We can sort that out for you.

Back Issues and Events

We can add your back issues to the subscription page to help with their sales. Some publishes also add event tickets and custom questions.

A digital edition that suits you

We have automated the purchase and login process.

As soon as a purchase to a digital only magazine is made, we will send the customer their login details so they can start reading straight away.

Article Extraction

All articles within your publication can be extracted for better mobile viewing. Those same articles can also be pushed to your Wordpress website, so that you are not doubling up on data entry.

Email Notifications

We can send customers email addresses to your email system so that you can send "Latest Issue" emails.

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Sell your articles

Partica represents an opportunity for publishers and writers to generate a new incremental income from content that has already been written.

For publishers, Partica sets out to redefine how content syndication works in the digital world by opening up your content for immediate browsing and purchase, at the same time making the licensing open and easier to understand. With technology to quickly extract content from past PDFs, articles trapped in print can start a new digital life.

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