We look after the subscriptions lifecycle

At Subbuddy we offer a range of services to look after your subscriptions. We take calls, answer emails, send out renewal information and confirmations of subscriptions. We can even set you up with your own digital edition so that you don’t have to pay a third party. We are there to help you and your subscribers.




Subscribers and counting


Digital Issues created and counting


Coffees consumed and counting


Online & Offline orders

Go live with a plug and play checkout and start collecting payments quickly. Customers will have the peace of mind of world-class security. Ability to have multiple payment options, Card, Direct Debit or Bank Deposit.

Simple Renewals

Automated emails that can go out just before a customers subscription ends, containing a one-click extend button to make renewals faster.

Gift subscriptions

Personalised messages to gift-recipient's, allowing customers to schedule it for that perfect occasion or send it out immediately. One step claim, no code needed.

Print run

We take care of this for you and send it to your printer when required. This also includes making sure addresses are in the NZ Post format to make sure you have a great accuracy %.

Other Sources

We enter your subscriptions that come in from multiple sources, Flybuys, Isubscribe, ACIEM, Incentive Groups, Bauer, Membership Associations.

Phone calls

We answer the phones and if we aren't available, messages can be left on our answering machine, which we will always reply to.


We set up emails for subscription confirmations and renewals, these emails come from our system so that you don't have to use yours. Includes subscription confirmations to credit card expiry emails and our best asset, "Extend" emails, a one click and login to renew.

Resends and returns

We will resend if items don't make it and returns can come straight to our PO Box to fix and resend out.


We can send you reports of issues that have been posted and not posted, so that you can pass these onto your accountants.


We have automated the purchase and login process. This allows customers to stay on your website when purchasing a digital edition. Their confirmation email will contain all the login details. This means you don’t have to pay commission to any other companies.


The website addresses within the pdfs of the digital edition will also link automatically. This is an added bonus to your advertisers.


We can email customers when a new issue is ready to read. Or you can add a section to your newsletter and we can send their details to your email system.

Sell your articles

Partica represents an opportunity for publishers and writers to generate a new incremental income from content that has already been written.

For publishers, Partica sets out to redefine how content syndication works in the digital world by opening up your content for immediate browsing and purchase, at the same time making the licensing open and easier to understand. With technology to quickly extract content from past PDFs, articles trapped in print can start a new digital life.